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Friday, June 6, 2003

After the Storm

The thunder roars
Lightening flashes
The clouds rumble
The sky remains midnight black
The trees and plants bend over as if in submission, begging to be spared
Everyone is confused, as the sky was once blue
The rains begin to fall in a heavy downpour
Engulfing everything they come across as if in a fury
Drenching the entire human race
And suddenly, it ceases
Like there never was a drizzle
Suddenly the black sky turns blue
The whites begin to seep in too, forming a cool color
The trees stand straighter
The grass is fresher, greener
The sand looks cleaner
The birds are very thrilled and sing in their best voices
The gutters gurgle with pleasure as the roads are swollen
The atmosphere is beautiful
The humans are amazed at the sudden change.

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