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Thursday, May 8, 2003


I once thought the cold war only occurred between nations - USSR & USA
I once thought such a great event would never repeat itself
I once thought human beings had learnt a great lesson
I once thought I knew the history until now I thought wrong
This time it has reoccurred.
This time between people and not nations
Between neighbours and not towns
Between roommates and not neighbours
- The cold war -
Giving silent treatment to one's neighbour like he doesn't exist
The anger and hatred far spent, all energies burnt
All that is left is the icy cold treatment.
Shouts and cries are much more pleasant to bear than this silence
The silence is deafening, breaking down old walls of cement and reinforcing walls of concrete in its place.
With the determined resolve o make it unbreakable.
 - The cold war -
Despite its threat, they still have the nerve to smile
Putting on different masks for different occasions
Knowing that one day, they'll end up bursting, but caring nonetheless
Each one accumulating friends like stripes of colours
Till then, they pretend to each other that they are sane.
But each of them knows no peace as the war, as cold as it is, begins to freeze them over
Finally, they give up because the war which they created proved to be master by swallowing them up.
 - The cold war -

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