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Monday, March 24, 2003

Market place

Once I went to the Market
I saw a man, His brother and Son.
They wanted to purcahse some items as is usual with people in the square.
But something was unusual...
The man saw some things, dirty and insignificant if you ask me, very tiny
Like ants, but lost without a leader
left to the storms of life
The father turned to his son, He was on his knees, helping the things to their feet.
Releiving them of their burdens
He nods in agreement
gives up his son as currency in exchange for theses things.
The son becomes soap and washes them.
They become clean, transformed.
The father and Son leave the market.
With the things, they leave the brother to guide and guard them.
To serve as their conscience until the return with his sin to claim their purchase.

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