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Saturday, January 7, 2017


I'm a strong woman

Yet sometimes I need someone to be stronger than me. Someone I can run to for help.

I am independent

But sometimes I desperately need a shoulder to lean on.

I make my own decisions

I'm strong willed no doubt, but often I find myself wishing I could run my decisions through someone who will just listen and point out the flaws before the decisions become my achilles heel.

I'm focused

This has always been a given, thank God. Yet at times I find little thoughts fluttering around my mind like beautiful butterflies, each one beautiful in its own right, seeking attention.

I need no one

I am a self sufficient being. Indisputable. But my very genetics makes me need a man. Someone who I call partner. To walk through life with me.

In spite of my obvious weaknesses, I am strong. I am a complete being because I know I am strong and possess weak points.
My weaknesses make me human. Keeps me grounded. Makes me remember that I am a mere mortal.
I laugh. I love. I live.

I am in every sense contrary, yet proud of it!