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Monday, October 5, 2015

Live a life you will remember.


I have become as irregular as a leap year...but my thoughts are still here sometimes.

How have you been?What new thing have you been up to recently?

I saw a beat up power bike today and it made me pause. The rider was perched on it like it was going to fly. Alas, the bike was so beat up it couldn't even run. The roaring sound that is synonymous with power bikes was absent, in its place was a broken growl. I felt bad for the bike...but on a second thought, I figured the bike "lived its life" to the fullest. It probably thundered as it flew past in its prime, roared for people to pave a path hurriedly for it. I imagine it was also very resplendent to see. A beast indeed. It lived a life worthy of its name. I am sure (don't ask me how) it made its manufacturer proud.

Of course, you know I will ask...what are you doing with your life? Are you living it to please your maker? Will you look back when you are old and grey and say "Yes, I lived my life"! or "I wish I lived a little"? Don't let life slip away to the point where your heart will yearn for younger days.  Be remembered for the life you lived... make memories you know will never fade. 

Here's a song for you by Avicii "The Nights"
I totally enjoyed this song. It just charges me up real good. Alas, I cant even dream of doing half the stunts in the video, but the words just made me feel so alive!!! I sincerely pray that my heart will never yearn for younger days because I plan to send my days very well. I pray my nights never die!!

On the #DezianiGate/ #SarakiGate matter... We are just watching. May Nigeria truly become clean in all ramifications. Nothing is impossible.

Song of the day - Avicii "The Nights"


  1. "It lived a life worthy of its name. I am sure (don't ask me how)...". HOW??? #TongueOut #TeethySmile. Nice one babes

  2. Inspiring write up Ema, love the music by Avicii. Thanks

  3. Blessings.....
    The most essential mode of action is to LIVE LIFE!