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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Year: Happy birthday to my daughter and I

As I type this,  today makes it a year of God's faithfulness. It's not just my birthday,  it's the anniversary of the birth of my first child Tehila.  Yep, she was born on my birthday. No, it wasn't planned,  it just happened as God wanted.

One whole year of God's faithfulness.

How do I begin to express my gratitude to God for this beautiful gift. This bundle of inexhaustible energetic adorable cute angel God gave me to watch over for him?
How do I summarise one fantastic super duper year in one blog post? 
How do I begin to describe the beauty of this past year?
How do I begin to thank you for your;
Daily protection
Daily provision
Daily guidance
Daily strength
Daily healing
Daily love
Daily companionship?

When you first gave me this gift, I was afraid.  I didn't know how I would fare as a mom. Would I know what to do? How do I take care of her? My heart was fraught with worry. But you whispered and told me to be still and look on to you. You didn't take away your face from me. I wasn't ashamed because I looked up to you and indeed my help came from you.
Thank you for my family.  For loved ones who helped out. Who still help out. Bless them and please always send helpers their way too.

How do I say thank you?  Not just for my baby, but for me too? How can I even fathom the words? Will the heavens be large enough to sing your praises?

Who is like you Jehovah?  Who compares with you?  With whom can we express ourselves so freely? Indeed only a fool will say there is no God. I acknowledge you as God.  In heaven. On earth.  Beneath the earth. You reign supreme always.

My Father,  my God,  my King. I have come today to say thank you for my daughter and I. For all you did this past year. For all you are doing. For all you will do this coming year.

I ask for grace for one more year. Grace to watch over your child you placed in my care. Grace to be a good mum. Grace to lead her in the path chosen for her. Grace to teach her all she should learn within this one year. Grace to come back rejoicing with her (and hubby too) at the end of this year

I pray for wisdom to listen to you always.  I pray for wisdom to walk in the path you have set for me this new year.
I pray for a heart to serve you.
I pray for sound mind, good health, richer pockets and a better heart.
I pray that death will not be a part of us in anyway this new year.

Thank you my Redeemer
Thank you my Master
Thank you Everlasting Father
Thank you.