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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loving Pink

Its funny how you never think of something even if it stares you in the face until someone points it out.

The other day, a family friend noted that I like the colour pink, I denied it. I am a green and brown person I said. "Really?" was her retort. You used pink for your traditional and white wedding. It was just a coincidence I said. No big deal. I didn't want to use Green because its too common, and brown because it would have been too dull. She goes "ok ooo".

Fast forward it to a year later. I am working on my tablet but I need information from my personal laptop. While using both, I got a call, so I make use of my phone and when I am done with the call, I drop my phone on the bed beside the other stuff, then get up to go take a leak. As I return it finally dawns on me...

I claim to "not be a pink person" but my laptop is pink, my tablet case is pink, my phone pouch is pink, my bathrobe is pink, my water bottle is pink, I am in a pink nightwear, my bedroom slipper is pink...ah, my nail polish is also pink too.

Ah, I have caught the pink bug finally!!!

Its not such a bad colour after all. #wink
I think I am finally embracing the feminine side of me. 

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