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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gen Voices: Ready to Lead and Serve

Are you tired of just talking the talk?
Here’s a chance to begin to “do” not just talk the talk!
I formally introduce you to Generational Voices or GenVoices for short. GenVoices is working to birth political, economic, social and technological solutions to national challenges by encouraging more members of our generation to participate in politics and make a difference in government and governance.

Come January 18th 2014, 100,000 voices will open up the chapter to define the Nigeria they desire and deserve. It will be an event to drive sustainable positive change in Nigeria by Nigerians at home and in Diaspora.

The message?
Ready to lead, ready to serve!

The aim?
To demonstrate the power in the number of the “under 40 generation” majority

The outcome?

Short term:
  1. Make a clear statement of what this generation desires for Nigeria
  2. Gain national cross-stakeholders buy-in 
  3. Begin implantation of implementation strategies 
  4. Begin a cross-party, cross-regional generational movement that stands “for” something as opposed to being “against” something.
Long Term:

  1. Create a developed nation that citizens are proud of and which provides an enabling environment for their dreams and potential.
  2. Move Nigeria from 3rd world to 1st by the ingenuity and unique contribution of this generation.

 100k Voices
I hereby invite you to do the following in registering you support:
1.      Visit our website at  and endorse the movement.
2.      Like us on and keep tabs with the discourse.
3.      Follow on Twitter at the handle @GenVoices  and keep the conversations going.
4.     Register at the website to attend the 100KVOICES Convention on the 18th of January 2014 at Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos. It will be the largest ever youth gathering to demonstrate the power of our numbers.
5.    Very important is that we will like your financial contribution, through which we can execute the major upcoming event. Please visit and kindly make a donation. Nothing is too little.

Gen Voices is here to stay!!! Where do you fit in?

For enquiries visit or send an email to


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