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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge- Day 14: What I Wore today

I don't even know how to start.

I remember the last time I was "gingered" to complete this 30 Day challenge thingy. I honestly don't know what happened to all that fuel. I guess someone "stole" it. Lol.

Now, I will be realistic and not make any rash promises. One day one day sha, I'll cross the finish line.

Ok, the look of today.

I woke up this morning without any thought of what I'll wear, and since my office is not so firm about dressing, I just put on whatever I first set my eyes on.

A white shirt, a grey waistcoat, with a grey skirt and black mid heel shoes. Silver and pearl jewellery.
My make-up- Blue Eye shadow with red lipstick.


I looked nice(a bit sober- all my "dull" colours, but very nice)

Been a while

Hello People!

I know, its been such a long time, I feel like a new kid on the block all over again. #ignoring cobwebs

Thanks a lot for the encouragement I received  (Sugarspring, Pricsy, 9ja's great and Che) to come back. I never really left though, just didn't have time any more. SO many things have happened to me and to people around me. I keep making mental notes to blog about stuff, but the time just sleeps away and never comes back. The good thing about the hiatus is that I made some fantastic friends.

Let me start with my wedding. No, relax, it hasn't happened yet...just a few more days though. I am t.i.r.e.d! Very tired. I go to bed exhausted and wake up in a fog. Someone has been doing the countdown for me -one in my office, (thanks Dr. A)  and the other has been doing it on BB every single day (thanks V), and its just about 8 days left. I am excited. I feel odd. scared. I feel normal and excited all over again. I want the dates to come and get over with it. I know my life is about to change...but by how much, I do not know, and what I don't know scares me. somewhat. But one thing I know is that I will enjoy being married to my husband and he will enjoy being married to me.  

Yesterday some of my aunties came over to stay at our house till the wedding. When I saw all the stuff they brought, it hit me hard that I was as good as gone.

Speaking of "gone", we got married at the Registry on the 16th, so I can actually lay claim to the fact that I hold an "M.R.S" Degree right now. :D. It went well..just that I was expecting to feel out of the world (I felt "high" when we said our vows) but I was just the same. lol, my new BIL (Brother in Law) said we kissed "SU Kiss". I laughed, which one be "SU Kiss" again?  Where they expecting us to "french"? No way. It felt good to see all the comments, and pictures on BB. Thanks a lot to all of you again. Did you just say pictures? maybe later...

Then came my birthday on Monday (20th). I am thankful for another year!. I however wont say much about my birthday, because it wasn't really it for me. However, what I can tell you is I get a "makeover" and maybe then, I can tell you more about it. (Please bear with me).

I made a new discovery recently, I really don't resent Lagos market like I thought I did. I just discovered that on the 16th. Yes it was the day of the Registry. I escaped to the market. I needed to reflect, and I needed to be distracted at the same time. It sounds odd, I know, but I needed to sort out my feelings about being married and all that...

On a random note, I saw something funny the other day. I have a battered BB, and this driver came to ask me for a favour and he was using an iPhone 4. Wonders will never end. How on earth was I to help him. I just dismissed him instantly. Don't blame me, I just had to get envious at that point, even though I knew he might have bought it second hand or something. Like the day I was in a bus and a beggar was begging for alms and he was drinking La Casera. Haba!!! Somethings or situations are just not right jor.

OK, I have to go now, but I want to use this medium to invite you to my wedding. Please send me a mail if you are in Lagos (or will be on the 30th of August or the 1st of Sept) and I'll forward the details to you.