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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Quickly we forget...

We are creatures of habit, yet we forget what it is we do all the time.

How quickly we judge peter when we committed the same crime earlier. How fast we condemn Paul and throw stones at his remorseful self, when by the end of the day, we would be guilty of committing the same crime.

Finger pointing.  Something we do so easily, forgetting that only one finger stands in accusation while the other three are pointing back at us and the thumb is standing as a witness that you have just accused yourself.

Consider this- you are driving (Lagos style) in traffic, and one random dude feeling "lucky" and tries to throw you off your lane because he has sighted an official further up. Would you "allow" him go in your lane, or ignore him even when a traffic warden (police, Lastma, VIO, etc) is waiting for him. Remember Lagos style driving means you might also break traffic rules yourself and depend on someone else to "rescue" you. How would you feel if no one helped you out and you had to "face the road monsters" alone?
Not such a nice feeling, right?

From another angle, Its pretty harmless when you "talk" about someone else- lunch room, convenience, salon, name it. Yes, I know you think you don't have any evil intention, so its "harmless". But the person you are talking about is not there and may no scratch that, WILL definitely not like it. So why do it? Most times, we can't repeat what we have said or heard in front of the person.

How would you feel if you found out that you were "talked" about? Especially by people you thought were your friends? People you had confided in? Suddenly you find yourself all alone! Its not the best feeling, trust me! I remember once in secondary school when i entered my room, it was quite dark and some of my room mates were clustered together, gisting. I joined them and suddenly, the topic "shifted" and they started talking about one girl. I didn't join them at first, but was content to just listen, and then it got juicer- I couldn't resist. After making my own contribution, the lights came on and i saw that the "subject" was among us, listening to all of us. Alas, it was a set-up and I knew it not. I learned a lessen that day!
Unfortunately, sometimes, I still forget...

How quickly we forget basic principles we were taught as children- do unto others as you want them to do to you.

How quickly we also remember "lessons" we learned in times past when we are suddenly "in trouble"

How quickly we forget the good times when situations are not so favourable.

How quickly we despair and loose hope when things seem are not working, forgetting that we were once "living the life".

How quickly we forget friends who stood by us when we needed them. Suddenly, we have "moved on" and made new friends to suit our present lifestyle.

How quickly we forget our roots and humble beginnings. We leave them behind and adopt certain strange practices and make them what we stand for.

How quickly we forget who it was that made us and rest on our oars!

How quickly we forget...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I made it

...The result (click on result to find out) is out and I made a "B"!!!

I Thank God for seeing me through and for teaching me in the process.

Thanks for all your comments, kind thoughts and all!

Solely on God

How many times do you do things of your own might and say "God did it" when people congratulate you? You push God away because you think you can "handle it" or because the situation around you is favourable. 

Let me give you an example. In December 2011, I had an examination to write. I knew this when I purchased the course and tried to get myself prepared for it. I really tried, but it was quite difficult as there were so many distractions everywhere- weddings, parties, work, everything! So I didn’t really prepare like I wanted to. I made up my mind to defer the exam, but when I logged on to do it, I realized that the deadline for exam deferral had passed, so I was stuck- I had to write it.

I started reading in earnest and the more I read, the more desperate I became and my fear of failing knew no bounds. I was afraid because I didn’t want to fail. You see, I used to fail almost every exam before, well, not total failure, but the kind that they call “let-my-people-go”. I even used to be a “prayer project” whenever any exam was near, my mom and siblings would begin to intercede for success on my behalf. I was paying for the course myself, so I didn’t want to fail at all, and it seemed everyone but me had faith in my capacity to pass the exam.

After a while, I couldn’t cope with the demand I had placed on myself, I made up my mind to defer even though it would cost me to do so. My mom and sister were on my case, encouraging me to go ahead. My sister said something that made me stop to think. She said, you are relying on your own strength and not on God’s strength to see you through. I replied in the negative, so she said if it were true, I would say my prayers, study hard, write the exam and leave the rest for God. Now that struck me. Had I been saying God had seen me through all this while when I had conveniently studied hard and prepared for the exam? Did I trust God to grant me success when I was prepared? Did I trust Him when I wasn’t prepared? Proverbs 3:5 says “trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding…

I am happy to say that I wrote the exam, and although I didn’t feel like I would ace it, I left it in God’s hand and I know he will not let me down. I believe I have success already (The result is not yet out), but if it turns out that I failed the course, I will write it again believing that He will not leave me alone nor forsake me, especially when I need Him (Hebrews 13:5).

I learned one important lesson- to rely solely on God when things are good and bad. If I leave everything with Him, I will trust that He is big enough to take care of all issues in my life and that He will never let me go. Never!

I will always remember that I will go through the fire, waters and the flood (Isaiah 43:2) but, He will not let me go through it all alone! I will rely solely on God!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Lies

I told the truth and no one believed me.

I lied and they believed me.

Reminds me of this comment by George Orwell- "Then the lie passed into history and became truth"

I filled my leave form and requested for just 3 days off work so I could read and write an examination. I am running a program that I really want to complete by the end of next year (It seems doubtful, but there's nothing God can't do). I didn't even think twice about getting it approved, because I thought I was "improving myself". Alas, it didn’t get approved for some reasons that I don’t want to get started on. So I decided to postpone the exam.

However, my mom was on my case to write the exam, and she kept telling me to attempt it. Her advice was I had nothing to lose as my money wouldn’t be refunded anyway and it was a 50-50 case of passing or failing. I wasn’t so keen because I knew that I wasn’t really ready anyway, so I started dodging her (bless her beautiful soul). My fear was I hadn’t failed an exam for as long as I can remember, and I didn’t want it to start now.

A week before the exam I made up my mind to write the exam, after all, I had nothing to lose. On the morning of the exam, I got to the office, then went to the venue, wrote the exam and returned to the office. I didn’t leave the exam hall feeling like I usually did, but I know that whatever the result (success obviously) I had relied on the Grace of God. If I pass, I will be grateful, if I fail, I will write the exam again, it won’t kill me. (Will let you know when I get my result though)

So the good thing is that even though I didn’t get my exam leave, I wrote the exam, and added the remaining 3 days of my leave to the last 3 working days of 2011, so I had an extended holiday with my family (and boo of course) and had a blast.

All things really work out for good ;)…

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I got into the office today and saw that my space had been raided. I had heard rumours of the burglary during the Strike action, but it didn't really prepare me for what I saw.

My drawer was in serious disarray, and most of the files in the cupboard had been pulled out and left out. It was more disgusting than painful. I have always known that I hate people “scattering” my things, but now I know it’s much more than that. I actually hate people touching my things without my permission.

I felt violated, like someone went through all my things and now has a personal knowledge of me. I do know that my laptop bag was stolen (apparently, it was used to carry someone’s laptop- thankfully, my laptop was locked up in someone’s drawer) but that’s all I can say for now.

This is not the way to start a work week at all, but I am grateful that nothing of importance was taken from me.

Now my question is this, how did the burglar get past the security post without being noticed? When people were busy *occupying Nigeria* for change and progress, this silly cow was busy stealing from the office. If he (generic) didn't want to #occupy why didn't he stay at home and just enjoy the holiday like I did? I really pity the person, because He has been cursed. (Zechariah 5:4)