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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ode to a great man

I  was born into a large family. Many uncles and aunts. I am privileged to know one great man among them all.

He had a heart of Gold. A heart large enough to carry the world and still have space left over. It is unfortunate that I would write this after your passing, but i have learned now that nothing is ever truly appreciated until it goes away.

Now I know that every moment on earth is precious, as life is a clock ...every ticking second counts.
I want every second I spend on earth to be meaningful. To be used in a positive way.
I want to put smiles on peoples faces. 
I want to banter with words.
I want to reach out to people.
I want to give others a chance.
I want people to make their own decisions, have their choices. 
I want to learn to give as I have received.
I want to be readily available to people who genuinely require my help.
I want to make right decisions.
I want to remember people.
I want to live ecah day well knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself.
I want to ...
I want to...

Uncle, Thank you for helping me see so clearly. Although it seems we barely spoke when you were here with us, I know now that the few times I encountered you, I got "something" from you. Now I have a much clearer picture.

You took care of other people's families
Your will never lack for bread or water.

You put smiles on the faces of people
Yours will never know sorrow.

Without mincing words, you made us know what was expected of us as regards our family.
May your children never be a dissapointment to you and to the good things you have done.

May your name be remembered on earth for the life you lived.

Rest in the Arms of your Creator! ...