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Monday, April 6, 2009


Finally, I am at peace.
All the demons of fear that plagued me have fled. Huge, dark terrible feelings of fear, anxiety and depression...
The feeling of fangs lightly crawling down my back...trailing a path down my arms...climbing up my stomach...
Every inch of my flesh is covered in goose bumps...
Over and over again without respite.
I shudder now as I think of it...
The daily torment by the unknown. I don't even remember which was worse...the thought of it coming at any time or the actual feeling of The fangs on my flesh.
If it ever tore my skin, it may have been better as I would have had an evidence to show to the world. was my torment. A ritual I went through every single day.
If it had a form, I may have been less fearful. But it came like a definite form... just a feeling.
Daily like clockwork, only not at scheduled times. It made me live in fear always as i never knew when next it would come calling.

...the feel of...
I shut my eyes as tight as I can.
You have no power over me anymore. those thoughts are far behind me now.
I have been delivered.