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Monday, January 12, 2015

Purples Vs. Greys

I asked God for a purple life. Purple is the colour of royalty, right?  I wanted a life that was rich. Not in the material sense of the word, just a life that had it all- An amazing career, a fabulous job, an opulent lifestyle,  a rich hawt hunk of a husband, the cutest kids get the drill!

I wanted a purple background, filled with bouquets of all sorts- roses🌹 daffodils, tulips🌷, carnations, bluebells, buttercups, cherryblossoms, daisies, forget me nots...etc. I wanted them not to appreciate them really, but for the aesthetic beauty they could provide.

Guess what God gave me?- A grey life!
How disappointing, right? I know!!!

I reminded Him, about my request. But God,  I knew what I wanted as far back as high school.  I prayed about it for ages. Did you mix up my request with someone else's?  I asked
God said "no, babe. I didn't mix up the requests, I gave you just what you need"
What I need? But I know what I need. I want what I want. This is what I want. Didn't you say I should ask for anything in your name? I asked. Why is the answer different ?
He replied- I gave you a grey and sparse background so you could better appreciate the little springs when they flow; value the single flowers that popped up from time to time and appreciate each one for its beauty and for adding colour to your drab grey; understand that each time you get an entire bouquet, it's not because you are beautiful or so hardworking and intelligent , but because, at that point, it is what you need. Sometimes, I give a single flower, sometimes, it's a whole bouquet, other times, it's an entire garden. I give it based on what you need per time and where you are per time.

I need you to understand that the thorns that accompany each rose is there for a reason- there is no beauty without ugliness and no ugly thing without an accompanying beautiful spot.
I need you to see that life has 2 sides. Naturally, you learn to appreciate things better if you didn't get it on a crystal platter. 
You need to know that there is beauty in labour.  Sweat is for a purpose- after the outcome has been accomplished,  your body automatically cools down...(that's why pounded yam still remains sweater than poundo... Na the sweat dey cause the sweetness. Lol)

I didn't get everything I wanted...oh, I got an eye candy for a husband and a super-duper cute and adorable baby) but I'm more than grateful that I can appreciate little things when I see or get them.

My life isn't perfect, but I love it perfectly.

I may not be where I envisioned for myself at this time, but I am way better today than I was yesterday.
That in itself is something to be super grateful for. 


  1. I read this a while back and i totally forgot to comment. Makes u appreciate all the goodies of life that come your way. Keep writing girl

  2. Blessings......
    hmmmmm, enlightening.....

    The purples are there, it just at times when life bites deep and hard we only see the grey.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. No life is perfect. We just have to love it perfectly!

  4. Hi Emaleecious. I'm so surprised to find out that you have been blogging. Blogger has not updated your posts on our dashboard in over a year.

    Atilola's World