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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A good laugh

I haven't laughed from the bottom of my belly for such a long time. I kept laughing until I thought I would be ill. It was my sister in-law (SIL). She dropped by for a visit on Sunday. I must confess when she came in that afternoon, I wasn't the very best hostess. I was really tired from the previous day.

I had been to Redemption Camp with my family friends (It was an amazing experience by the way) and I just followed them home after services and spent the rest of the night ( I think morning makes more sense) at their guest room. When we woke up, we ( I gave her moral support) women made breakfast for the husband and left the house immediately. She was supposed to drop me off at home, but somehow we ended up going to markets. Yes, 2 markets on different sides of Lagos. We first went to Mushin market to stock up on provisions (Mehn, things are ridiculously cheap there) and I ended up buying things I didn't really need but couldn't resist because of the amazing prices. Next time I go there, (Oh yes, no more Shoprite!, well, except for my spices, and minced meats and yogurts ...ok, I give up. I'd go where the wind blows abeg.) I'd make sure I have a list and stick to it. Then we went to Oyingbo Market to stock up on the soup and stew ingredients. 
We actually had a good time together, but we were bone weary by the time she got me home. I had to start preparing meals for the week immediately. (Luckily, hubby had done an amazing job cleaning up the house and making his breakfast. Oh, and I think he reads my posts, so I will keep mentioning him and his good deeds so it can keep flowing, Lol). Anyway, I decided to outdo my self in the kitchen, and by Sunday, I was still feeling tired. 

Back to my original post, I had just had my lunch when SIL came. I stayed up with her until I begged her to excuse me so I could just take a nap. By the time I woke up, I went straight to the kitchen to finish up where I stopped yesterday. The rest of the day passed in a blur so I didn't really have time for her.

When I got home from work yesterday, we gisted for a bit and I convinced her to have Pancakes for dinner (I really didn't want to make 2 different meals since that was what hubby was to have for dinner). We were making it together when she started with her tales. She told me of her escapades in Lagos (She's based in Ilorin) and especially her experiences at a church here in Lag. Whenever she's in Lag, she stays with her cousins and they worship at a certain Church on the Island. She is convinced that there are "mammy-waters" in that church as they are always fresh and on point. She said and I summarize- Their make-up always makes you not want to look in the mirror as you know you have done a horrible job on your face. Their clothes nko? If they wear such things to my Catholic Church in Ilorin, they wont even allow them enter the church. In fact they can't leave their houses like that. Ha, I didn't talk about their shoes- They heels are longer than this cooking spoon (pointing at a spoon in the kitchen) and they will park their cars and walk in those heels to church. Omoh, they have to be mammy water jor. The day I wanted to feel among nobody told me to remove my heels and wear my normal church shoes. Whenever I go there, I don't even bring out my phone, all the tablets and "i-everything" can give me complex. I also unconsciously check my skin colour against who ever is sitting next to me and wonder if its butter they rub on their bodies.
SIL had so many things to say, I just kept laughing and laughing. It really felt good to have the truth said as we get so used to seeing all these things that its no longer strange to us.

But her words got me thinking. How come we don't even raise an eyebrow at things people wear to church anymore. Now its more like a fashion competition among ladies in church. Everything is eye-popping, its no wonder we hardly listen in church anymore. We are too distracted by the things around us to properly settle to listen in God's house. Now-a-days, its hard not to think the church is a party with the way people are dressed. With all the tales going on about pastors and female church members, its no wonder. 

Speaking of dressing- one day after church hubby and I were making our way out to the car park. There was this chic in front of us who was painstakingly making her way on the graveled part to the car park. Her heels were ridiculously sky high and she wasn't having it easy at all. She walked like she had logs and wet cement bags tied to her legs. We patiently waited for her to keep walking as we were having a good time watching her. The people behind us all started passing comments (none was nice or flattering in any way) and by the time she reached the mini-gate that separated the car park from the church premises, a driver was honking wildly and got our attention. Next thing we heard was "oh no" from the chick. Apparently, she had to make a u-turn to go meet the guy. We all started laughing and some "wicked" guys told her sorry as she made her way all the way back to where the car was. 

P.S- I am not advocating that we dress like nuns or whatever to church, but I think a little decency in God's house is necessary. Save the party clothes for parties and wear the decent ones at the back of your wardrobe to church. 

P.S (2)- I know I have had many typos in the last few posts...I sincerely apologize especially if there is any in this post. I just don't have the strength to read through it again.


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