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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14 2012

Its been a while...

I got a push from Olamsy  to blog today, and I promised him I would try to put something up about today, even though I really didn't feel like it.

Today was very interesting from different perspectives.

I saw enough bbm updates today as DP's and DS's, mostly from the girls and it was so sweet (wink). My friend, Osaore, tried to make me put up my boo's picture but I told her I wouldn't because He didn't put up my own picture as well. Before you judge me, I know I shouldn't have waited to see my picture, but I really didn't feel like. And I don't believe in doing things just because. Even the married one's were not left out in displaying their love publicly, and that to me was very nice.

I love my boo and I ain't ashamed to say it. (wink). He actually came to my office to drop off my gifts. I was soooo shy (lol) especially as my gift to him wasn't ready yet. When we hugged, he whispered the words "I Love You" into my ears and I was weak... for different reasons (I am not sharing, don't worry)

 I may not know what maturity is all about, but I know immaturity when I see (or hear about it). I guess a lot of people heard about things similar to this last week, yesterday and even today-->

Some guys are just immature shaaaaa! Just like that. Anyway, it's a good thing, the girl finally knows what stuff he is made of. 

Bomb Blasts

A particular Message hit home really well "Distance teaches us 2 appreciate d days we r able to spend 2geda! happY (sic) vaLs (sic) to my sugar darling"- I got this from my former classmate.

This message made me realize the importance of loving people because you never really know when the "reaper" will come. There were 2 bomb explosions in Kaduna today according to Sahara Report and I was just  sad. If they could do it on Independence day, Christmas day and all, then I guess they wouldn't have missed Vals day for anything. Where is the love? Why such needless killings?

The bomb explosion of February 7th was a very close call as my aunt was in that building. Thankfully, she escaped unhurt and we are grateful to God. Her entire family is still shaken and till today, she still hasn't gained her voice back... Where is the love? what did all these people do?

I have also gathered from the Internet that Boko Haram has added the Nigerian Telecommunications Providers  to their list of people and/or places to be bombed.

What sort of thing is this?

My take on Val's

Valentine day shouldn't be celebrated only on the 14th day of February. Everyday should be Val's day. As Christians, we should show love everyday just because. Love should be unconditional and without strings. 

I shouldn't show you love just because I will get "some" or because You bought me something. It also goes without saying that gifts should be exchanged regularly. Don't wait for a birthday or anniversary before you remember to buy a gift for the one you say you love. (If you try it everyday because I said everyday should be Val's day and you run your pocket, na you sabi)

Love can be shown in different ways without necessarily spending money.

  • Listening to others and respecting their opinion
  • Helping others out when they need help and when you can. 
  • Spend time with people. Sometimes just being there is enough.
  • Say it. Many times, all we want to hear are the words "I Love You"
  • Encourage your partner in his/her dreams. It always go a long way.
  • Go cheesy SOMETIMES. Write a note, send an email, a tweet, whatever.
  • Understand their love language. It is the best thing that can happen in any relationship
And of course, ALWAYS leave a smile on the face of the one you love!!!

Happy Val's day to you!!! 


  1. Happy Vals.
    I think that picture was just a joke, so people could pass it around and change their vals dp.

    Thanks God for your aunt's life. We still need prayers in Nigeria

    1. Yeah, I know, but I am sure some people would have used silly excuses to break-up.

      We need serious prayers for the country ooo! And yes, we thank God for her life. She's still in shock.

  2. It was great reading ur entry today Ema! I'm gonna be visiting often so I can push myself to Olamsy who made you blog today. We definitely need prayers in Nigeria.

    1. Thanks dear for visiting. Hope you enjoyed it?

  3. Happy Val's day dear. Was that bb chat for real. I also hate the "PING", but comon, that's not enough reason for the guy to break up with his babe. The bombings today was so sad. :-(....Thank God your aunt is safe.

    1. Lol! I don't know if it was for real or not. I don't really bother about the PINGs, probably because its disabled on my phone :)

      Its just plain pointless. The bombings I mean. God save Nigeria.

  4. You obviously had a swell val's day.That munched pix got me laughing hard,don't worry they'll make up after val.

    1. Sure did dear! (wink) I was literally rolling on the floor

  5. Nice write up. The push sure did a good job on you.
    nice day n week.

    1. Thanks love...still waiting for your own part of the bargain!;)

  6. Nice to Know You had an Awesome vals day,still trying to wake up from the BB break Up.Who does that??

  7. dat munched thing is just hysterical...

    As per the explosions, e weak me. Where we are going to in that Nigeria, I no sabi yet....:(

    1. We can only pray and hope it gets better, because the way things are going...hhen, "no be me go talk am" (#omawumi's voice)

  8. I agree with you, love should be celebrated everyday. As for BH, its so saddening :-(

  9. Replies
    1. Sure did dear. Twas a gud day for me!:)