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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 30 Day Challenge: Day 2 - What I feel Strongly About

I think this just says it all. It has always been my dream to study Development Studies - Many reasons for that actually, just take a look around you (If you are in Nigeria, or in any part of Underdeveloped Africa).
I haven't achieved this yet, but i know that I will, one day.
This is something i feel strongly about- Humanitarianism- What better way to express it than through the day set aside by the world to do so? Although the set day is 19th of August, I will go ahead and do this now.
Maybe YOU will join me in saving the world a jigsaw peice at a time.


I think my humanitarian side has just "clicked" finally. Be warned: This post has a lot of links and twists...please try to read it all - I know its a lot, but I guess we all need the information :-) -

The World Humanitarian Day – August 19 2011

On the 19th day of August 2003, a brutal terrorist attack on the UN Headquarters in Baghdad killed 22 people. In December 2008, the UN General Assembly designated 19th August as the World Humanitarian Day. The World Humanitarian Day has been set aside as a day to

  • Honor people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service, those who offer assistance and relief to millions of people who need help
  • A day to draw attention to humanitarian needs worldwide and to inspire the spirit of aid work in everyone.

Every day, humanitarian aid workers help millions of people worldwide by providing life-saving assistance and long-term rehabilitation to disaster affected communities, regardless of geography, religion, race or tribe.

Humanitarian aid is based on a number of founding principles which include:

  • Humanity
  • Impartiality 
  • Neutrality 
  • Independence
In 2010, A film was shot across 43 countries of the world, showcasing the enormous diversity of places and the endeavors of aid workers. Read more here

In 2009, the First World Humanitarian Day was observed and dedicated to the memory of aid workers who had lost their lives in the course of rendering assistance to others.

This year’s campaign people helping people is about inspiring the spirit of aid work in everyone. Click here to read the Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly.

Taking action :

There are many pressing humanitarian issues worldwide – famine, hunger, war and conflict, natural disasters, scarcity, climatic change, to mention a few-

You can help spread the word of the importance of humanitarian services by:

  • Sending a message of solidarity to help empower women and advocate for their voices to be heard
  • Sharing your thoughts on the importance of aid work 
  • Volunteering and reaching out to people in need 
  • Getting your local community involved in rebuilding lives after disasters 
  • Sharing knowledge, skills and expertise with change agents

Follow this link to read more:

Safety and Security:

Humanitarian aid workers reflect all cultures, ideologies, backgrounds and are united by their commitment. Being an aid worker is not without its own challenges, as they operate in mostly remote, and difficult, sometimes hostile areas. They risk their lives to give aids, and many have gone in this process. Recently, humanitarian work has become more difficult due to the increasing number of deliberate attacks on aids organizations . (in 2010, 242 aid workers were injured, killed or kidnapped)

Follow this link to read more:

Take a quiz and help feed a child. Its very interesting and you can feed as many children as you want by participating in as many as possible. Do so by following any of these  3 links:

Share food, change lives