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Sunday, March 27, 2011

You remain the best!!!

She was my first cheerleader! The very first person I smiled at. She made me gurgle with laughter when it was just the 2 of us! she alone understood all my baby gaggle! she spoke to me when everyone else thought I did not understand. we shared smiles always and I always knew when she was around. she it was who first watched me struggle to sit, then crawl, then toddle, stand up and walk.
she has given more than any one can imagine.

When I cried, she was there to comfort me, even when she made me cry, her hands were never too far to hold me. When I fell, her strong hands picked me up and wiped my tears. She took me to my first class, and told me no to be afraid, that all will be well.

When I failed at school, because I did not know better, she told me not to give up, that there was still hope. No wonder, when I finally started doing well, she was the first to know.
My mum has been the best friend and mother there can be. Even though we disagree about a number of things, I still know that she has my best interest at heart.

Dear Mum,

God put you in my life for a number of reasons. I thank Him that He made you mine. I pray you will not regret your labor of love towards me. I want you to live very long to see the many blessings of God in my life.
I want you to balance my children on your knees, to burp them. To take in their baby smells, and laugh at their numerous tricks. To soothe their pain when they teeth, and pat their backs when they get colicky. To listen to my excited chatter when they say "ma-ma" or when they begin to crawl around.
To tell them tales of the pranks I did as a child; of growing up with my siblings and how much I used to irritate them with my "fake cry"; of the economy and the way things were when I was a teenager. To teach them in the ways of the Lord, and to be their best friend too.

I love you sweet mum, now and always!!!

Your daughter,


  1. hmnnnn...was tiinking it was me sef...ppoooh..but anything for my mamma she u loads

  2. Tot it was me jor...oooooooooooo
    anything for my u mum

  3. lol!
    wrote that for me mum!
    sorry love!