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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Establishing Boundaries

Boundaries....the word rolled on my tongue as I was in the shower, and I marvelled at the meaning. At that point what came to my mind was how good it was to set boundaries in every thing. After the shower, I went straight to the Dictionary to get the most appropriate meaning.

"Boundary: A visible object or mark indicating a limit".

Recently, I had a spat with a very close friend of mine. It was over something that didn't warrant a fight. But we were so strung up and stressed. So we snapped. Both of us. And we did not talk to each other for a while. Then I apologised. Not really because I knew I was wrong, but because I respect her. She calmed down somewhat but was still miffed. I let her be for a while, then started talking to her. Tentatively. She responded. In Monosyllables at first. Gradually to short sentences.

Finally started talking...but it was not still the same.
Not until the next day. When she had healed completely.

Then it hit me. Boundaries.

The Boundary we set had previously had been taken down. This did not go well with either of us.
We need Boundaries to define who we are, what we do, where we are going. As friends, we may go closer to the boundaries than most, sit, play and flirt with it. But we always know exactly when one single step would make us cross that line! And we try to avoid this by saying sorry promptly.

Our Boundaries tell others what we love, like, tolerate, detest and hate.
We are our boundaries!

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