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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Day unto day
Night unto night
Humbly will i come to your throne
For the new mercies and grace which you bestow upon me
Your love for me is like a rose in the mornings
It is as caressing as the Ocean's breeze in the heat of the day
Like the sun after a storm in the chill of the night
Like a young eagle spreading its wings, you teach me to soar in your ways
Like the first rains on the dry earth, you send me forth like an ambassador
Your beauty radiates in me and makes me glow like the sun
Your joy envelopes me and bursts forth like a bubbling spring within me
I stand in awe of your majesty.
At night, your gentle whispers of comfort calms me to sleep.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Letting go

You'll always be my friend
Although right now we seem more like fiends
I agree things are not the same
You are as a roan
Set free, allowed to roam
I'll wait till you return home
Though it may take ages
I promise there will be no cages
A Chinese saying goes- set a bird free, if its yours it will surely return
If you do, I'll know you belong
If you don't, Adieu
No hard feelings.
I will never forget you.